The European Network for R2P

The European Network for R2P (ENR2P) is a platform meant to bring together and raise the profile of those working in R2P related areas across Europe.

The European Centre for R2P (ECR2P) coordinates the ENR2P by providing a point of contact via the ECR2P website, and a planned mailing list for the dissemination of relevant R2P news, events and other activities, publications, and research opportunities. As such, this Network – whose 40 plus members span 20 countries – was established to promote and facilitate collaborations on R2P related projects in and across Europe.

For details of the current members of the European Network, please see the Our People section. If you are interested in joining, please email

Please note that we are also convening the British International Studies Association Working Group on Intervention and Responsibility to Protect (IR2PWG).