Upcoming Events

The Question of Genocide Determination and the Response of the International Judicial System
Tuesday 20 March 2018, 12:00 – 2.00 PM
Committee Rm G House of Lords, UK Parliament

Confirmed speakers include: ECR2P Research Director, Dr Adrian Gallagher and the GCR2P’s, Dr Simon Adams among other experts. Full details are available here.

Speakers will consider Lord (David) Alton’s Genocide Determination Bill, a private members’ bill, with the aim to ‘provide for the High Court of England and Wales to make a preliminary finding on cases of alleged genocide; and for the subsequent referral of such findings to the International Criminal Court or a special tribunal’. A comparable Bill has been introduced in the Commons by Fiona Bruce MP.

Speakers will explore the question of genocide determination and HMG’s argument that it is for the ‘international judicial system’ to determine genocide. The event is hosted by Lord Alton of Liverpool and Fiona Bruce MP, Member of Parliament for Congleton, and co-sponsored by the APPG on the Prevention of Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity.

European Centre for the Responsibility to Protect Research Seminar Series

The ECR2P’s new seminar series provides R2P researchers with the opportunity to present and receive feedback on their research from fellow R2P researchers. The seminars will take place on Mondays 3:30-4:30.

Monday 19 March. (Location tbc).
Blagovesta (w/Alex Bellamy), “R2P and the Emergence of Responsibilities across Borders”.

Monday 16 April. Board Room. Level 13 Social Sciences Building.
Georgiana Epure, “The Responsibility to Prosecute: History and Politics”

Monday 14 May. Board Room. Level 13 Social Sciences Building.
Jason Ralph and Jess Gifkins, “The role and responsibility of the UK as a permanent member of the Security Council after the decision to leave the European Union”.

(Date and date tbc).
Zain Maulana, “Rhetoric or Contestation? ASEAN Response to the Rohingya Crisis”

Any questions email: a.gallagher@leeds.ac.uk