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University of Queensland Symposium

The Future of Norm Studies Research

Friday July 20th 2018. 9am start.
Location. Room 537, Building 39A. UQ.

One of ECR2P’s key research themes is “R2P and Norm Theory” which involves our researchers engaging with Norm Studies which has grown to be a significant strand of International Relations theory over the last two decades. To develop this, Dr. Gallagher has organised a one day workshop ‘The Future of Norm Studies Research’ to be held at the University of Queensland on July 20th 2018. To do this, he is working with Antje Wiener (Hamburg), Sarah Percy (University of Queensland) and Phil Orchard (University of Wollongong). The workshop is co-funded by the University of Queensland, the University of Leeds, and the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. This follows on from Dr. Gallagher’s ISA Catalyst workshop ‘Tacking Stock of the Past to Shape the Future of Norm Studies’. Held in Baltimore, February 2017. For all enquires email a.gallagher@leeds.ac.uk

Full programme details are available here

ECR2P Research Seminar Series

Zain Maulana: “Rhetoric or Contestation? ASEAN Response to the Rohingya Crisis” (Date and date tbc).

Any questions email: a.gallagher@leeds.ac.uk