Upcoming Events

POLIS Community Event: Mass Atrocity Prevention

A roundtable discussion with Professor Ivan Simonovic (former United Nations Special Advisor on the Responsibility to Protect), Dr Kate Ferguson (Protection Approaches), Dr Adrian Gallagher (ECR2P)

Monday 26th November, 2018. 13:00-14:00

Clothworkers’ Building North (Room G. 12)

In April 2018, the UK Foreign Affairs Committee (FAC) launched an inquiry into the British Government’s approach to mass atrocity prevention under the Responsibility to Protect and humanitarian intervention. This followed previous inquiries into the UK’s role in relation to the atrocity crimes committed in the Rakhine State (December 2017), as well as three separate inquiries into the mass violence in Libya, Syria, and by the so-called the Islamic State (all in 2015). As a result, in September 2018, the FAC published its report ‘Global Britain: The Responsibility to Protect and Humanitarian Intervention’ in which it calls for ‘a cross-Government mass atrocity strategy that can help identify areas of high risk at an early stage’.

The roundtable discussion brings together world leading experts on the United Nations and the United Kingdom’s approaches toward mass atrocity prevention in order to discuss what is being done, what are the key challenges going forward, and how can these be overcome.

The roundtable will ask the speakers to speak for a maximum of 10 min each followed by 20 mins of questions from the audience.


ECR2P Film Series: The Whistleblower


Introduced by: Sabrina White

When: Tuesday 4 December, 2018. 5:15-7:30

Where: Parkinson Room B.09

About the ECR2P Film Series: 
Every fortnight (on Tuesdays from 5:15 to 7:30pm), a fictional film or documentary related to human protection will be shown. It will be introduced by a POLIS staff member who will also facilitate a post-screening discussion.
Screenings are free and open to all University of Leeds students and staff.

Note: Due to the nature of the topics discussed, you may find some parts of the movies upsetting


ECR2P Research Seminar Series

Zain Maulana: “Rhetoric or Contestation? ASEAN Response to the Rohingya Crisis” (Date and date tbc).

Any questions email: a.gallagher@leeds.ac.uk