ECR2P PhD researcher, Ben Willis, cited in new APPG North Korea report

ECR2P PhD researcher, Ben Willis, provided written evidence to a new report launched on 20 July 2021 by the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on North Korea.

The report is the product of an inquiry which gathered evidence of human rights violations between 2014 and 2020/1 in consultation with members of the North Korean diaspora, human rights organisations, academic experts, and members of civil society.

The inquiry report renews calls for action on the human rights abuses occurring in North Korea and offers a number of recommendations to the UK government to promote human rights engagement, address further mass atrocities, provide humanitarian assistance, and ensure justice and accountability.

The inquiry report suggests that the situation of human rights in North Korea has not improved since the release of the 2014 UN Commission of Inquiry report, and that its recommendations have largely not been implemented.

The inquiry report found evidence of North Korean officials being involved in crimes against humanity including murder, torture, sexual and gender-based violence, slavery, and persecution based on religion or belief.

The inquiry report also found that three groups face particularly harsh and violent treatment in North Korea: Christians, half-Chinese children and members of the ‘hostile’ class. The report found that there are reasons to believe that the treatment of these groups may reach the threshold of genocide.

The full APPG inquiry report can be accessed here.