Women Network

This Network was established through the British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award Dr Cristina Stefan received for 2017-2018, to work on R2P related issues. This Award facilitated the establishment of the Women Network on R2P, Peace and Security to engage early career researchers (ECRs) from social sciences and humanities in a year-long programme of networking and mentoring for engagement and impact on the topic of R2P. This project focuses on supporting female ECRs, in particular, in order to equip them with the skills and insights to make an impact and learn from established scholars, senior practitioners, and policy-makers.

“My motivation to propose a women-only network to the British Academy was triggered by a desire to highlight that a critical mass of brilliant female minds already exists in the fields of R2P, peace and security, even if this is not always obvious if we look at the composition of high-profile talks and conference panels. This international conference brings together senior academics, researchers, diplomats, and policy-makers – all women – to highlight the ground-breaking research and impactful day-to-day work of women who are authorities in their respective fields. My second motivation relates to encouraging female early career researchers to learn from these experts, and to engage in motivating and thought-provoking conversations. This will hopefully inspire female early career researchers to produce impactful work that addresses tough questions on how we can make protection work during these challenging times. It is my hope that we can all benefit from this uniquely resourceful and knowledgeable network, long after the conference ends, and that we’ll stay in touch and find inspiration and motivation for future work on these related topics.”
Dr Cristina Stefan, Organiser of the International Conference and the Women Network