In the latest ‘Fresh Perspectives’ blog post, Dr Gilgan provides insight into the discord between R2P and competing norms of protection. Dr Gilgan notes that UNHCR ‘intentionally delinks its practice from R2P for better policy traction with states’, serving as an example of how R2P is ‘not integrated into practice’. The blog is available here.
Dr Adrian Gallagher (ECR2P Co-Director and Associate Professor in International Relations) along with Garrett Wallace Brown (Chair in Political Theory & Global Health Policy) University of Leeds, published an article in The Conversation entitled: “Coronavirus: why the world must monitor response of countries that have had mass atrocities”
In the latest ‘Fresh Perspectives’ blog post, Dr Samuel Jarvis writes on the evolution of the Responsibility to Protect from ‘rallying cry’ to respond to cases of mass atrocity, to a focus on atrocity prevention and the use of ‘quiet diplomacy’. Dr Jarvis highlights the need to remain outspoken on issues of human protection in…