ECR2P participates in Ljubljana R2P Conference

The Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, hosted the third biennial R2P in Theory & Practice Conference, May 11-12th, which was once again chaired by Professor Vasilka Sancin. Before the conference, Dr. Cristina Stefan and Dr. Gyorgy Tatar of ECR2P also attended the Third European R2P Focal Points Meeting.

Dr. Tatar spoke in the opening plenary session alongside Dr. Ivan Šimonović (Special Adviser of the Secretary General for Responsibility to Protect), Professor Alain Pellet (Emeritus Professor, University Paris Quest Nanterre La Défense, Former Member and Chairperson of the International Law Commission, President of the French Society of International Law, Member of the Institute de Droit international) and Dr. Simon Adams (Director of the Global Center for R2P).

Our Co-Directors, Dr. Stefan and Professor Ralph, chaired panels on “Libya & Syria” and “Law & Politics of R2P” having earlier presented research on “The EU´s Engagement with R2P: Beyond “Normative Power Europe” in a Transitional International Order” (Newman & Stefan) “R2P as a “layered” norm, “applicatory contestation” and pragmatism” (Ralph).

Dr. Benedict Docherty presented his developing paper on “Protection without interference: Amending the P3 states´ practice of Pillar 3 in the case of Syria 2011-2012”. Future POLIS Ph.D. researcher Georgiana Epure presented her research on “Analysing the Success of the Responsibility to Protect in the Central African Republic.