ECR2P staff have written evidence published as part of the UK Foreign Affairs Committee inquiry into Humanitarian Intervention and the R2P.

ECR2P Co-Director, Professor Jason Ralph, Research Director, Dr Adrian Gallagher, Dr Eglantine Staunton, and Dr Outi Donovan have had their written evidence on the inquiry into the Responsibility to Protect and Humanitarian Intervention published by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee.

The evidence from Professor Ralph and Dr Staunton and Dr Donovan focuses on the core themes of the inquiry, including the extent to which UN member states have fulfilled the R2P, the UK’s commitment to R2P, whether the R2P is being effectively implemented through the UN, and R2P reform.

Dr Gallagher’s evidence, entitled “The Responsibility to Protect and the unresolved authority dilemma: the Uniting for Peace Resolution as an alternative solution” addresses themes of the authority dilemma, how to address this, the case of the UK, and a discussion of the Uniting for Peace Resolution within the context of the R2P.