The latest instalments of the ECR2P’s ‘R2P in Brief’ on the Philippines and Yemen are now available online

The ECR2P is delighted to announce that the latest ‘R2P in Brief’ documents are now available online. The latest instalments focus on the situations in The Philippines – put together by ECR2P interns Colum Dillon, Ciara Miller, Sarah Rakotonirina, Milo Thrumble and Lucy Ward under the supervision and with the assistance of Dr Eglantine Staunton from the ECR2P – and Yemen  – put together by ECR2P interns Souraya Bureau, Sophie Murphy, Fiona O’Brien, Elsa Pearson, and Kathryn Priestley, again under the supervision and with the assistance of Dr Eglantine Staunton. These add to the previous briefs on IraqMyanmar, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan and Syria, all of which are available on the ECR2P website.

‘R2P in Brief’ aims to provide an overview of a specific crisis, along with insights on what the international community (in particular, the EU and the UN) has done about it. Additionally, it gathers some of the key declarations and resolutions made and passed by the EU, key EU member states, and the UN.

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